Simply Painting Watercolours

About Me

My name is Andy Henly, and I have been painting watercolours since 2006 or thereabouts, after a chance encounter with a DVD set by Frank Clarke called "Simply Painting".

I live on the Nottinghamshire - Derbyshire border in England.  This is close to the beautiful Peak District, and I sometimes take inspiration from there.  I also enjoy painting Scottish, Welsh and Irish landscapes.

I have been asked how I manage to get so many different colours into my paintings, and do I really need hundreds of tubes.  Actually no.  I have what I call two bands of colours.  Band A are colours which are vital to me.  Band B are colours I like to use, but aren't totally necessary.

Band A -

Lemon Yellow

Burnt Umber

Paynes Grey

Cobalt Blue

Light Red

Raw Sienna

Alizarin Crimson

Ultramarine Blue

I also keep a tube of white gouache or a tube of white acrylic paint to hand for when I need to lighten an area of the painting.

Band B -

Cerulean Blue

Yellow Ochre

Hookers Green

Cadmium Red

You can probably mix any colour you need using Band A colours (as recommended by Frank Clarke), either mixed together or with water.

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